Ever get the feeling you’re chatting into the void on Facebook or Instagram? Posts getting crickets when they used to get applause? You might be shadowbanned, but don’t worry – let’s try to dive deeper and figure out the solution!

Today, let’s chat about what shadowbanning really means, why it might be happening to you, and how you can shake it off and reclaim your spotlight on social media.

What’s Up With Shadowbanning?

First off, what’s this shadowban business? It’s like being the invisible person at the party.

You’re there, you’re posting, but somehow, your content just isn’t showing up like it used to.

It can happen for a few reasons, but usually, it’s because some rule got crossed. Let’s untangle it!

Checking Your Status on Instagram:

Let’s play detective. Here’s how to check if Instagram has put you in the quiet corner:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap those three lines in the top corner.
  2. Tap on “Settings and Privacy“.
  3. Scroll to “Account Status“.
  4. You’re looking for three green ticks – that’s the all-clear sign!
  5. No green ticks? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do next.

If you don’t have three green ticks, follow these additional steps:

  • Click across to find out content that needs to be removed or can’t be recommended.
  • Fix that up; it might take a couple of days to get those back to green ticks.

This is crucial because with out those green ticks, you could be facing a shadow ban, impacting your content reach.

What About Facebook?

Over on Facebook, it’s a bit more old-school:

  1. Check your emails. Facebook loves to tell you if you’ve stepped out of line.
  2. Watch out for spam though—those fake warnings are everywhere.

Getting Back in the Game:

Caught out by the rules? Here’s how to clean up your act and get back to being seen:

  • Fix the issues Instagram or Facebook has flagged.
  • Keep it clean and follow the rules to avoid future timeouts.

Navigating the social media landscape means playing by the rules, even when they seem to shift under your feet.

Keep an eye on your account status, stay informed about updates, and your social media game will be as strong as ever!

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