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What’s Holding You Back?

If you’re wanting more impact and influence in your community and more income for your practice, look no further than video.

When it comes to creating more know, like and trust and positioning you and your practice as the experts then video is most powerful form of media.

But making videos isn’t as simple as holding up your phone and pressing record.  There’s a lot of hurdles and fear to overcome. 

There’s the technology hurdle, the fear or failure, rejection and don’t get me started on the worry about the “haters” and internet “trolls”.

In this video I share the story of how Rob was able to overcome these hurdles and move beyond his fears.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep savings lives.


Dr Chris Cameron


This last week I’ve seen a record number of new patient numbers…that I haven’t seen in 20 years. I had 9 new patients in one week, that is just unheard of for me. Thank you for encouraging me to stay consistent with it.  People are really getting to know me around the community. It’s made a huge difference and I can’t thank you enough for kicking my butt and keeping me engaged because it’s paying off with great dividends.”

Let Me Guide You Towards Becoming The Trusted Health Advisor In Your Community, So Patients Will Naturally Want To Choose You First!

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What Others Are Saying

I ended up with 3 new high quality patients!

“ Thanks Angus. I boosted that video for $37 over a 10 day period. I only sent them to my website (didn’t even create a landing page, yet). I was only hoping to get more views to retarget them later. I ended up with 3 new high quality patients! 1 of them is an executive at 1 of the hospital systems in the area and he said he was going to drive an hour away because that is where the only in network chiropractor is located but he came to us because his wife said that ”you guys are all over social media.” So thank you for the help. “

– Dr Devin Atkinson

What used to be scary for me is now second nature. 

“Angus has helped me completely get over the fear and overwhelm of making videos.  What used to be scary for me is now second nature.  I no longer worry about video ideas, fear of being on camera or what to do with my videos.  Videos have helped me create relationships, attract patients and deliver value to my community.”

Dr Kirby Collins

If you do it the way Angus teaches, you can’t fail.

“I started working with Angus because I wanted to start making videos to promote my practice to get more new patients (and make more money). I was afraid of wasting money like I have before on online marketing, and that I wouldn’t know what topics to cover, and that I might come across as a salesperson. Those fears were easily washed away. Angus shares great content ideas that are truly helpful to people. That’s the key. When creating videos that are helpful to people it’s impossible to waste money, because someone is getting something of value. When they need more help, they will call the expert who made the video. It’s that simple. If you do it the way Angus teaches, you can’t fail.”

Dr David Kauffman

It’s worth many thousands. My advice is to invest in it.

“Video Influence is absolutely fantastic. Any practitioner who wishes to reach more people with their message can do so with this program. It is totally comprehensive, so no matter what your current level of tech expertise, you are shown all the necessary steps. When you consider the potential financial return from being exposed to many new people, in a way dictated by you, with the message and brand you create, it is worth many thousands.My advice is to invest in it.”

Dr David Cahill

…helping our business thrive!

My problem is TRUST! So not only finding someone that I can trust, who is genuine, but finding someone who understands chiropractic! The next issue is feeling that I am in CONTROL and not paying an absolute fortune for things that I have no idea what they mean!! Angus got me making videos, editing and I now have the confidence to put videos on my new website.

Here I am, with nearly 30 years experience as a chiropractor and making videos! We are making at least one video a week, and are finding that they are a great way to get our message and our brand out into the local community and build that trust that is helping our business thrive.

Dr Lisa Smycz

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