Ep388. Blueprint for Success: Your 2024 Chiropractic Marketing Plan. Angus Pyke

In this episode we’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to craft a tailored, impactful marketing plan that resonates with your ideal patients and sets your practice apart.

We’ll start by exploring how to define your target audience with precision, using our detailed persona method. Meet Tess, a fictional yet representative client, and learn how understanding her can revolutionise your marketing approach. We’ll discuss innovative ways to connect with patients who are not just looking for chiropractic care, but who also share your practice’s values and vision.

Delving into the world of community-based marketing, we’ll share actionable tips on forming partnerships with local businesses, engaging in community events, and leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, where your potential patients are most active.

This episode isn’t just about theory; it’s packed with real-world examples, practical advice, and the latest trends in digital and community marketing. Whether you’re looking to refine your existing marketing plan or build one from the ground up, this episode is your comprehensive guide to making 2024 a breakthrough year for your chiropractic practice.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives!


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