Ep329. Maximising Impact. A Guide To Chiropractic Social Media Mastery. Jenna Quentin.

In this insightful episode, we’re privileged to host Jenna Quentin of Adjust Your Media Inc., a maven who champions the cause of making chiropractic care accessible through the power of stories. Having transformed countless chiropractic practices with her savvy social media strategies and the Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint membership, Jenna’s expertise stems not just from her vast content creation background, but also from the profound impact chiropractic care has had on her own family.

Here’s a glimpse of what we delve into:

  • Decoding the type of content that deeply resonates with patients and potential clients, given the intricate nuances of the chiropractic profession.
  • A timely discussion: Are there specific days or hours that promise more engagement for chiropractors, especially in regions like the UK, Australia, and the USA?
  • For those managing their social media in-house, Jenna shares invaluable tools and resources to streamline the process and enhance effectiveness.
  • Measuring success is pivotal. Jenna elucidates how chiropractors can gauge the impact of their social media campaigns and calculate a tangible ROI.
  • What’s the golden balance between minimal and optimal when it comes to posting schedules?

For all this and more, tune in to this enriching episode.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.


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Ep329.  Maximising Impact. A Guide To Chiropractic Social Media Mastery. Jenna Quentin.

Jenna Quentin


With Adjust Your Media Inc., Jenna Quentin helps chiropractors change more lives using the power of stories. She manages social media accounts and has a new membership, Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint. She also provides keynote talks and live training events. After years of creating content for websites, newspapers, businesses & magazines, she wanted to make chiropractic more accessible to other families, sharing the ADIO message of health with the world. This choice came from the personal benefits she and her family of 4 children experienced under chiropractic care.

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