Ep298. Building Connections: The Power Of Language In Chiropractic Social Media. Jessica Mercer

In this episode of The Marketing Your Practice podcast, join  returning guest Jessica Mercer as we explore the role of language in building relationships and connecting with patients through social media. We discuss the importance of understanding your target audience and using language that resonates with them, to build trust and establish a strong online community in chiropractic care.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives.


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Growing up, you could find Jessica Mercer nose-deep in a Ripley’s Believe It or Not book, running science experiments with anything she could get her hands on and making presentations to teach everyone around her all the things she discovered. At the time, she had no idea that her love for learning and ability to translate complex concepts would become the cornerstone of her business.

Now, Jessica uses her passion to help chiropractors communicate and connect with their current or potential patients to increase patient conversion and build a practice community. Jessica drives website traffic and content engagement for chiropractors by creating chiropractic content that goes far beyond sore backs and necks. Jessica’s done-for-you wellness focused blogs,

newsletters, and social media content explain chiropractic care in a way that patients actually understand and relate to. As a mother to a brilliant toddler, Jessica understands the impact that chiropractic care has on development and wellness of children and her own brain is fueled by her routine chiropractic adjustments. When Jessica isn’t lost in a science journal, you’ll find her playing outside with her daughter or planning her next adventure with her husband.

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