Ep275. The End Social Media Frustration.

Russell Pearson

The end social media frustration.

Let me ask you a question (4 questions actually)

– do you struggle to come up with social media content?

– do you find it difficult to create a consistent posting schedule?

– are you overwhelmed with the time it takes to manage social media?

– and are you failing to get tangible results from your social media?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then today’s episode is for you. 

My guest is Russell Pearson.  He’s  known as the brand design guy and when he’s not blacksmithing (yep you read that right), you’ll find him helping businesses get more customers.

For over 25 years, Russel has been working with passionate yet frustrated business people to transform the way they grow their organisations.

Today, Russell and I talk about his four step process that helps businesses transform their social media.

Listen now.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.


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Russell Pearson


Russell Pearson has been called the Brand Design Guy, the Business
Blacksmith and a Competitive Business Strategist. When it’s time to shake
things up, they call him direct.

Russell’s fun and engaging style has impacted thousands of business people
around the world. He brings decades of experience and practical application to
every discussion. Powerful observations, captivating storytelling and a strong
grasp of online technology enable Russell to connect audiences with the future
of business.

With a catalogue of clients, including TOYOTA, Fulton Hogan, CPA Australia,
Santa Fe, Wridgways and Ticketmaster, Russell has worked behind the scenes
of amazing brands for over two decades. These connections allow him to bring
massive value to business audiences.

Russell is an award winning founder of the Crimson Fox Creative Studios and
the Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia. In addition
to his professional career, Russell is also co-founder of the Awesome Show
Leadership podcast, the Marketing Report podcast and is a father of three
feisty children that continue to challenge his passion to learn more every day.

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