Ep199. Making Social Media Marketing Work For You. Nicole Cowley

On todays episode I’m chatting with Nicole Cowley she’s a Technology Solutions Specialist and Digital Media Strategist for Chiropractors

Imagine that you’re brand new to social media, didn’t even have a presence on any of the platforms and you wanted to know where and how to start?

Well… in todays episode Nicole will answer that exact question

   You’ll learn the what platforms are best

   How build relations and get traffic i.e get noticed

   She shares what content to create

   The role that email plays in your marketing

   And how to find a superstar person to help you out with all of this.

I first came across Nicole on clubhouse a month ago, she’s LOVES digital marketing and she loves working with chiropractors. She’s generous, knowledgeable and is constantly dropping knowledge bombs.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives


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Nicole Cowley is a technology enthusiast with a heart and passion for Chiropractic. Her roots are derived from having two close family members as Chiropractors, Dr. Cherie Goble and Dr. Mark Heal.

Nicole is a Senior Technology Solution specialist for a premiere Chiropractic EHR and Practice Management software company. During her time there she developed the passion for the business side of social media and online marketing tools.

She leveraged social media to grow the technology company. In the winter of 2015, Nicole launched ChiroSocialTech, LLC to teach her methods to more Chiropractors. ChiroSocialTech continues to grow with a goal to really move the needle for the amount of people that experience chiropractic care and get their spine checked by a licensed chiropractor.

ChiroSocialTech was a membership site for full training and resources chiropractic clinics can use to learn and leverage social media for their local offices. The ChiroSocialTech bootcamp courses, appendixes, done for you content and Mastermind Facebook group were opened up free of charge in March 2020. Sign up at https://chirosocialtech.com 

Nicole also offers her services on a custom consulting basis for chiropractic businesses, associations and groups. She is currently in a rebranding and rebuilding phase as the social landscape is ever evolving and changing, so are we. 

Nicole has been a guest on various unique Chiropractic podcast shows and several webinar and Facebook live sessions with top industry professionals. She has graced the stage at Chiropractic CE events to workshops and breakout sessions for chiropractic groups and corporations.

Nicole’s motto is technology was meant to simplify and leverage our goals and to connect us further. If you follow her teachings, she promises to keep it fun, simple and most importantly powerful.

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