Ep184. How This Chiropractor Got 290 Million Videos Views This Year. Cody Hanish.

My guest today has had his videos viewed 290.8 million times this year, he has 2.5 million follows of Tik Tok and 250K follows on Instagram.

His videos are mostly less than 30 seconds long, there’s no fancy editing, filming or sound tracks. 

He simply films his patients getting adjusted and then shows the delight on their face afterwards.

All of this has resulted in his practice being busier than ever. 

Throughout the difficulties of COVID his practice is busier than ever and he currently gets 20-25 new patients every week because of social media.

My guest is chiropractor, Dr Cody Hanish.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I started watching Cody’s videos I had second thoughts…he talks lots about cracking spines. 

In a way I felt like he over simplified and cheapened chiropractic but after watching more of his videos and listening to interviews with Cody he completely changed my mind.

Cody has possibly exposed more people to chiropractic than almost anyone alive.

In this episode Cody shares where it all started..what equipment he uses, how he ask his patient to be on video and how he deals with the haters that invariably come with such extraordinary success.

There’s so much to LOVE about Cody.  I loved this chat and I hope you will too!

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives


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Dr. Cody is an Australian chiropractor who has clicked, popped and adjusted his way to a popular social media account. Watch a video or two and you’ll instantly get chills in the worst and best ways. Dr. Cody uploads various patients getting their back, neck, hips and any other body part possible cracked, allowing listeners to hear each individual “pop” sound with an ASMR-like quality. Dr. Cody has become a runaway hit on TikTok, enjoying 2M+ followers to go along with his 250K+ Instagram followers. This is the account you didn’t know you needed to follow, just make sure the sound is turned all the way up to get the full effect.

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