Ep174. Get 400% Better Marketing Results.

Angus Pyke


In todays episode I’m going to talk to you about a form of marketing that gets a 4 times better return on investment than social media marketing…and virtually NO practitioners are doing it.

 More about that shortly…

 At the moment here in Melbourne Australia we’re just finishing the Spring Racing Carnival.   It’s one of the largest horse racing carnivals in the world.

 The entire spring racing carnival reminds me of a story/metaphor that my old coach James Schramko used to share.  He’d say if you want to make money on horse racing there’s only one guaranteed way to do it.

  • When you’re betting on the horses you sometimes win and sometimes lose.
  • When you own the race horse your sometimes win and sometimes lose.
  • When you’re the betting agency you sometimes win and sometimes lose

The only person who wins all the time is the person who owns the racecourse.

When James was telling this story what he was referring to was the importance of us owning the relationships with our customers.

Over the past decade we’ve seen the rise and fall of many social media platforms.  However things are changing and the ability for us to effortless use the social media as a marketing platform is starting to decline for 2 main reasons.

  1. Competition, advertising on social media is becoming more and more common place and as more people want to do it the competition goes up and so to does the price
  2. Censorship and pressure from the social media platforms particularly around what we can say as health professionals.

So what should you do?  Diversification is one of the solutions. 

One of the most under utilised, cost effective and easy to implement marketing strategies is email marketing.  This episode will be the first in a series of podcasts we are going to go to school on how you can implement a heart centred email marketing strategy into your practice.

Listen now.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives


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