Ep97. Simplicity Is the Key.

Jamie Buttigieg

I’ve got a question for you…what’s the purpose of your website?

If you’re like most practitioners you’ve probably never stopped to think about this or if you have, then you probably think that it’s just there to help you get more patients.  Most of us see our websites as a necessity but we have no idea of its purpose and even less idea of its effectiveness.  

Unfortunately this lack of clarity is costing you in lost patients and revenue.

Our guest this week is here to help.

His name is Jamie Buttigieg and he’s on a mission to help brands and businesses like ours improve our marketing return on investment, simplify our marketing and stop wasting enormous amounts of money.  Sound goods…right!

Jamie is the founder of Results & Co, a marketing agency that focuses on Brand Communication and Marketing. Jamie is a whiz when it comes to things like websites, copywriting, conversion funnels and messenger bots and he’s also a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

On todays episode we chatted about how to get more out of your website.  Here’s some of what we covered:

  • how to choose the right image…you’re probably making the same mistake most practitioners make
  • the importance of simplicity and why your first step should be to remove things from your website NOT add them.
  • the questions your website must address in the first 5 seconds of someone seeing it
  • how to build authority
  • the right way to do a testimonial and what to do instead if testimonials aren’t allowed
  • and much much more.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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Jamie Buttigieg


Over the past 20 Years, Jamie has held the roles of Project Manager, Retail General Manager and most recently, National Sales Manager for ASX listed Thorn Group (Consumer Finance). Whilst with the Thorn Group, Jamie led the organisation to achieve many sales records, the likes of which had not been seen in the company’s 80-year history

Jamie is the founder of Results & Co, a marketing agency that focuses on Brand Communication and Marketing. (Websites/copywriting/conversion/funnels/messenger bots) Jamie is a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Jamie believes that most brands are wasting an enormous amount of money on marketing, he is on a mission to stop the waste, improve ROI and simplify marketing for his clients.

Some of Jamie’s include:

  • Australian Sports Foundation
  • Australia & NZ Mental Health Association
  • Mimecast (Market Cap $2.69bn)
  • First National Real Estate

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