Ep84. The Golden Rule Of Marketing For Health Professionals. Angus Pyke

Todays episode comes from a Marketing Masterclass that I just recently recorded. The purpose of these short marketing masterclasses is to share with you what’s working now so you can build more goodwill, expertise, authority and maybe even a little bit of celebrity in your community  (this will all help to get the phone ringing more in your practice).

In this masterclass I’m speaking about the GOLDEN RULE of marketing. 

I’ll be the first to admit that as a practicing chiropractor it’s really easy to get OVERWHELMED. 

There’s patients to look after, staff to run, bills to pay and too often when it comes to marketing we’re tempted to just put our heads in the sand.

So…if  you feel a little this way then please know you’re not alone. We all feel like this from time to time and that’s why the GOLDEN RULE of marketing is so useful.

If the only one thing you knew and implemented about marketing was the GOLDEN RULE you’re marketing would be a great success.

Here’s a few things I cover in this masterclass:

  • how break through the noise and have your community take notice of your content.
  • what to do when it seems like no one is engaging with your content.
  • the keys to being likeable (you need this if you’re wanting to build an audience).
  • how often you need to posting if you want to have an impact.

I hope  you enjoy the show.


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