Ep78. The Importance Of Playing The Long Game.

Angus Pyke

Have you ever had a shop salesperson talk you out of something that you wanted to buy?

I had this exact experience last week.  I went in to see my good friends and Factory Sound in South Melbourne to buy a new microphone and podcasting box.

I was planning on spending about $1200…what happened next blew my mind!

The sales person went out of his way to convince me NOT to buy and instead showed me how I could get the result I was after from the equipment that I already had.

On the surface this might seem like bad business from them but I think it’s exactly the opposite.

When we care more about the outcome our customers are looking for than the immediate sale to our business we WILL WIN in the long run.

Listen in as I share how I dealt with a similar situation when a patient came to see me.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


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