Ep76. How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome.

Angus Pyke

In todays episode I want to talk to you all about imposter syndrome.  So, if you’ve told yourself that you’re not qualified enough, don’t know enough or don’t have the experience to be sharing videos, articles or giving talks to your community then todays episode is FOR YOU.

According to the crew at International Journal of Behavioral Science.  An estimated 70% of people experience these impostor feelings at some point in their lives…

….in fact this has been an ongoing battle for me over the past 2 decades!

A tendency toward perfectionism, fear of failure and continually undermining one’s achievements are all indicators that you might be prone to Imposter syndrome

So…what do we do about it?

Well…in this episode I share 3 of strategies that have been helpful for me over the decades.

I hope you enjoy the show

Thanks for all you do. 

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