Ep64. Who Are You Serving and What Problem Are You Solving? Ash Roy

Have you ever been confused about which platform you should be focusing on….Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc ?

I get this question every week and it’s a great question…but, often we’re not asking this question at the right time!

Before you even begin to think about platform you need to ask yourself this question (it’s super important).

Who am I serving and what problem and I solving?

When you’re thinking about answering this question then it’s best to consider your Competitive Advantage.  Your competitive advantage is your capability of doing something better/different than anyone else in your community….your super power!

These were just some of the topics we discussed on this weeks episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast with Ash Roy (Prodcutive Insights).  Ash is a whiz when it comes to helping businesses turn website visitors into loyal customers by leveraging the power of the internet.  He’s also a rock star podcaster!

Here’s some of what we covered:

  1. How to humanise your content so it sells itself.
  2. Ash’s tips for ethical marketing…(it’s simple, powerful and you’ll love this!)
  3. Why worrying about channels (Instagram, Facebook etc) isn’t necessary.
  4. Ash introduced me to the Empathy Map. A brilliant strategy to help you really get to know your audience.
  5. What to do when fear is holding your back. 
  6. How to get through overwhelm and finish the projects you’ve been procrastinating about.

Ash also shared a wonderful content strategy that I’d never thought of before (and I’ve been studying content marketing for a decade).

You won’t want to miss this episode.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


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After a corporate career in finance and strategy, that spanned 15 years in large multinational corporations, Ash founded Productive Insights in 2013. Productive Insights helps businesses turn website visitors into loyal customers by leveraging the power of the internet. He holds a CPA (Society of CPAs Australia) and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. His passion is to partner with businesses to create successful online strategies and deliver outstanding results. Ash has a successful podcast called “Productive Insights Podcast” which features some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs.

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