Ep52. How To Run An Online Summit To Flood Your Practice With New Patients. Mark Wade

In this episode we chat with Dr Mark Wade from Virtual Summit Software on how you can run a One-day Online Virtual Summit to position yourself as the Expert in your community and flood your practice with New Patients. 

You’ll learn…

– How to get the right people on your Summit

– The number one leverage point to make sure your Summit is successful

– How one peice of software can make running a virtual summit a breeze

Need New Patients?

Learn About My Step by Step Community Influencer System. 

I’ll Guide You Towards Becoming The
Trusted Health Advisor In Your Community,
So Patients Will Naturally Want To Choose You First!

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To get access to Tristan’s free scripts then email operations@chirorevenue.com and put “I love Angus” in the subject line. 

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