Ep349. Mastering Self-Discipline: The Chiropractor’s Guide to Practice Success. Angus Pyke

In this episode I challenge the conventional wisdom that self-discipline is solely a matter of willpower and motivation. “Mastering Self-Discipline: The Chiropractor’s Guide to Practice Success” unveils a more nuanced and holistic approach to cultivating discipline, one that transcends mere personal resolve.

I’ll introduce you to ten pivotal elements—or perhaps more aptly, pillars—that underpin self-discipline. These pillars extend far beyond the individual, encompassing a range of environmental and supportive factors often overlooked in the chiropractic community. From the strategic structuring of your practice environment to leveraging the power of community and support systems, this episode is a clarion call to rethink how self-discipline is built and sustained.

Discover why relying on willpower alone is a recipe for inconsistency and burnout, and how a more comprehensive approach can lead to lasting success and fulfilment in your practice.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives!


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