Ep326: Conquering Challenges With Dr Jim Karagiannis – From Melbourne To Barcelona

In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Dr Jim Karagiannis, a chiropractor who’s recently taken on the life-altering challenge of relocating from Melbourne to Barcelona.

With candid insights and heartfelt wisdom, Jim dives into the process of shedding part of his old identity and finding the courage to make this significant move. He opens up about the importance of clarity around values and how this understanding guided him through tough decisions. You’ll also learn of the surprising childhood wounds that surfaced in this process, revealing lessons that resonate beyond relocation.

Whether you’re a chiropractor facing your own challenges or simply seeking to understand how to overcome obstacles with grace and purpose, this episode promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of growth, courage, and self-discovery. You’ll come away with tangible strategies to apply in your own life, learning how to navigate difficulties with the same determination and insight that took Jim to the other side of the world.

Join us in Episode 326 to not just learn about marketing, but to discover ways of making a difference in your own life and practice.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep saving lives.


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Jim Karagiannis


Jim is a passionate man who loves to learn. No matter what field of study he is undertaking at a given time, he immerses himself fully into it. He is especially passionate about the areas of mindset and personal growth and this fuels his voracious learning appetite.

With a background as a Doctor Of Chiropractic, and a fascination in the area of Neuroscience, Jim is focused on optimising human potential.

 As a Certified Neuro-Behavioural Modeller (NBM), Business and Life Coach, Jim is focused on empowering all those he works with to focus on “Who They Need To Become” in order to achieve their outcomes, and to live their ultimate purpose.

 An area of particular interest is working with entrepreneurs and business owners who have experienced rapid and exponential growth in their businesses, yet are overwhelmed, unfulfilled and “stuck”.

Jim is a true visionary, who sees the big picture in all he touches. He is committed to supporting others to see their vision more clearly and to courageously step into it.

In 2020, Jim launched a podcast called Launch and Beyond with Co-Host Adam Khazaal aimed at supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Owners not only to succeed in business, but also in life . Helping them happily achieve, instead of achieving to be happy

Jim is married to  his wife Bettina for over 28 years , and they have two adult sons . He loves to keep fit and challenges himself through the regular discipline of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

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