Ep325. Visionary Growth: Exiting The Matrix To Amplify Your Chiropractic Impact With Dr. Nona Djavid”

In Episode 325 of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast, Dr. Nona Djavid joins us for an inspiring and introspective conversation on living an authentic life and breaking free from the constraints of the “matrix” – the societal expectations imposed by family, teachers, and media. We delve into the powerful “be, do, have” model, the importance of clear vision, and the transformative role of identity in shaping behaviour. We explore the power of surrendering to one’s life vision, shedding old identities, and embracing evolution. Dr. Djavid also shares her insights on the concept that “you can only experience what you’ve experienced before,” emphasising the need for mental rehearsal to step into a new life. So let’s jump into this  eye-opening discussion filled with practical wisdom to empower you on your journey towards personal and professional authenticity.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives!


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Nona Djavid


Dr Nona Djavid has helped thousands of health care professionals create Part Time Million Dollar Practices. She is the creator of Part Time Million Dollar Mastermind. In her groundbreaking book eLIVate Your Life foreword by Michael Beckwith, she breaks down personal transformation into 7 pillars and she uses these pillars to transform businesses.

She has also founded eLIVate club where she teaches entrepreneurs how to quantum leap their lives and business. 

She has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Orange Coast Magazine as a TOP Doctor, nominated as a Dynamic Women in Orange County, and featured on many media outlets. She has spoken on numerous stages around the world and is currently working on her Tedx talk.

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