Ep314. “Mastering The Art Of Chiropractic Marketing: A Focus On Principles, Not Fads”. Angus Pyke

In this episode, I’m going back to basics and putting aside the trendy marketing gadgets. Taking a page from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book, I dive into why understanding core marketing principles beats chasing after every new method.

I delve into the importance of truly knowing your audience, crafting real value for them, and creating a unique value proposition that distinguishes you. And I’m not just spouting theory – I draw on examples from powerhouses like Nike and Apple, and even from a make-believe chiropractic clinic.

We’ll also explore how to build a strong brand, the art of fine-tuning your message, the keys to fostering relationships with patients, and the necessity of ethical and responsible marketing. Plus, in a world where change is the only constant, I discuss the importance of keeping an eye on your efforts and adjusting as necessary.

Join me for a candid chat that will help you move away from fad-chasing and towards a solid, principles-based marketing approach for your chiropractic practice. Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


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