Ep309. “Hidden Costs Of ‘Free’ & Overcoming Non-Financial Obstacles In Chiropractic Growth”. Angus Solo

In this insightful episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast, we delve into two crucial topics that can help chiropractors refine their marketing efforts and grow their practices. First, we explore why offering free marketing services or free initial consultations may not be the most effective approach and how it can unintentionally impact your practice’s reputation and perceived value. We discuss the potential pitfalls, such as trust and credibility concerns, attracting the wrong type of patients, and financial implications.

In the second part of the episode, we shift gears to examine the common assumption that financial concerns are the primary barrier preventing potential patients from seeking chiropractic care. We identify various other barriers, such as lack of awareness and understanding, fear and anxiety, time constraints, and location and accessibility issues. By addressing these barriers and tailoring your marketing strategies accordingly, you can connect with a wider audience, enhance your practice’s credibility, and ultimately grow your patient base.

Tune in for valuable insights and actionable tips to navigate the complexities of “free” in chiropractic marketing and effectively overcome non-financial barriers to care.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.


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