Ep290. How To Create Conversation That Connect.

Katie Godden

Have you ever stopped to think about the language you use with patients?  The words we use have the potential to improve the results of our patients or, alternatively, keep them locked in a paradigm of sickness and victimhood.

Put simply, the words you use can improve the patients’ results.

Wild right!

My guest on the show today is Katie Godden.  Katie is one of Australia’s leading language and communication experts. Her passion is working with health care practitioners to help them build relationships with their patients where both sides have their messages heard, recited and connected for better health outcomes.

You’ll love this highly practical and fascinating episode.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep saving lives


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Katie Godden, known to many as Australia’s Leading Female Language & Communication Expert. Regularly brought in to speak on stages, facilitate or hold training with international reach.

Katie’s teachings run deep across many industries; from the Health Sector to the general public. Inclusive of high level communication & language patterns with industries supporting patients and support teams to amplify the way they interact with themselves and others.

As a patient with 36 years of experience of T1D, 13 years of research and implementation in the Holistic Health Science and 17+ years in education and training. Because of this personal experience, Katie is committed to training with passion & purpose to transform the relationships between patient and practitioner.

Communication is complex and well worth the time investing for better outcomes.

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