Ep267. Growing Your Practice With Great Design.

Carolyn Boldt

What does your office design, decor and layout say about you and the quality of services that you offer?

Sadly, many chiropractors’ offices are outdated, run down and poorly maintained and they wonder why patients don’t follow through with care.

Think about it for a moment. Would you trust someone to maintain your spine if they couldn’t even maintain their practice?

Probably not.

In today’s episode I’m talking to interior designer Carolyn Boldt about how you can use design to improve patient flow, attract new patients and save you time and money.

Carolyn and her husband Scott are the only architectural, interior, construction and consulting firm that specialises in helping chiropractors with the design and layout of their offices.

Carolyn shares the impact that light, colour, sound, artwork and more have on the profitability of our practices.

This episode is a must listen. 

After you’ve finished this episode be sure to head over to https://www.chiropracticofficedesign.com/adio and be sure to download the great resources that Carolyn and her team have put together for marketing your practice listeners.

Also have a look at the amazing portfolio of the work they’ve done.  These offices are nothing short of stunning.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep saving lives.


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Thirty years ago, Carolyn was faced with a hard decision: doctors wanted to remove her daughter’s tonsils, but she was hesitant to have her two-year-old daughter undergo surgery at such a young age. Today, thanks to chiropractic care, Carolyn’s daughter still has her tonsils. The impact of that care on her daughter’s life would make Carolyn a lifelong advocate of holistic healthcare.

In 2004, Carolyn and her husband co-founded CrossFields as a design-build firm in Atlanta, and in 2011 they changed their focus to improving the public’s perception of alternative medicine, and highlighting the power of holistic healthcare. CrossFields has helped hundreds of practitioners across the country expand their practices and reach higher levels of success by maximizing space, attracting and retaining patients, and saving money.

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