Ep261. Book Review. The Art Of Insubordination.

Angus Pyke


It’s book review time again and this month we’re discussing The Art of Insubordination (how to dissent and defy effectively) by Todd Kashdan Ph.D

This book is PERFECT for Chiropractors who are on a mission to change the world (or just their communities).

As most chiropractors have experienced, getting people to change their habits and belief systems is NOT easy. This book provides a roadmap to make that journey easier and more effective..

The author shares “the five essential principles rebels can use to maximise the persuasive potential of their message”. I loved these!

The Art of Insubordination is the essential guide for anyone seeking to be heard, make change, and rebel against an unhealthy status quo.

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Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives.


This book has a fascinating take on why we all tend to support the status quo of the current system (i.e traditional healthcare), even if it harms us rather than adopt a new, more helpful system (the chiropractic lifestyle).

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