Ep253. Supplementing Your Income With A Virtual Practice? Libby Rothschild

COVID has forced many chiropractors to look at their business models and investigate ways they can diversity their practices, decreases their overheads and find additional sources of revenue. 

As a result of this I’ve been getting a lot of requests from listenings wanting to know more about how they could supplement or completely replace their income with a virtual practice.

My guest on the show today is an expert at that.  He name is Libby Rothschild.  She’s the CEO of Dietician Boss and she helps her clients grow both virtual and traditional practices. 

In todays episode we talked through the strategies that a chiropractor could use to start building an income in as little as a day week.  We talk about coaching and business delivery models, content creation and the importance of making sure you start with the right niche.

Libby is brilliant, she’s drops a whole bunch of wisdom in this episdoe and if you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to add an online component to your business then you’ll love todays episode.

Enjoy the show, thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.


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Libby Rothschild


Libby Rothschild is the founder and CEO of Dietitian Boss™, a sales& marketing expert, and a business coach. Libby grew her company Dietitian Boss™️ from a side business into a full time 7 figure company within 16 months of operation, while still holding her 9-5 clinical dietician job. She has been featured in major publications, spoken at universities around the world, and continues to educate and share her passion for helping others grow their online businesses

Libby Rothschild shows coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to attract clients online without ads or a website. As a former clinical dietitian, Libby transformed from making 55k a year in a window less clinical office to building a million-dollar company. Within her first 3years of business Libby grew a 7 figure company without using paid ads or SEO.As the founder of Dietitian Boss™ Libby has trademarked the dietitian boss method- a 5 step process that has supported business growth for over 1000 registered dietitians and student nutrition professionals. She has been featured in major publications like Business Insider and Forbes. Libby has spoken at universities around the world about starting and growing an online business.

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