Ep245. Why Selling Wellness is Hard & What To Do Instead. Angus Pyke

One of the biggest challenges that chiropractors have with marketing is that they don’t want to talk about symptoms.

I totally understand this and I used to feel the same way!

For 25 years, I’ve been a vitalistic family wellness-based chiropractor.  As my years have progressed, I’ve developed a new understanding of where “symptoms” fit into chiropractic and how I communicate with my patients without having to “bait and switch”.

But the fact remains…marketing wellness is difficult. 

Here’s what we’re going to chat about in today’s episode.

  • Why selling wellness and prevention is difficult, expensive and often results in failure.
  • I’ll share with you how to market in a way that is easier, more effective and not manipulative or a bait and switch.
  • We’ll talk about the one thing that you’ll need to have if your marketing is going to be a “knock it out of the park” success.
  • And I’ll show you why your products and services aren’t as important as you might think.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep saving lives.


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