Ep239. How I Do My End Of Year Review.
Angus Pyke

In today’s episode, I pull back the curtains to share with you the exact end of year review that I do. 

Here’s why this is important. Many of you will be thinking about your goals for 2022, however, before doing that I’ve found it helpful to do a thorough review on the year that’s just past.

Here are the questions I ask.

  1. A Few Great Things That Happened Last Year..
  2. My Main Struggles Last Year Were…
  3. If I Mentored Someone Dealing With The Same Things, I’d Tell Them To…
  4. What Did I Learn Last Year? (About Myself, About Others, Or About My Progress In Life)
  5. List One Decision That I Could Have Made Differently Last Year…
  6. How Would I Rate Myself (Scale Of 1-10) In The Following Areas…
  • Health
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Learning/Growing
  • Relationships

7. A Few Favorite Quotes From Books, Courses Or Things I Studied…
8. What Big Projects Or Dream Outcomes Did I Move Forward This Year?

This review helps me to identity, what went right, what went wrong and directs me where to focus in the year ahead.

It means I set the right goals!

You can see the exact questions that I ask myself over on my website. https://www.anguspyke.com/239/

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.


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