Ep225. My Top Takeaways From 24 Years In Practice. Angus Pyke

8 weeks ago I finished up in practice, I’m not sure for how long.

The calling for me to transition from practice in to full time coaching had become too loud for me to ignore.

This hadn’t been an easy transition for me though, in fact, I have been wrestling with it for almost 5 years.

There seemed to be so many hurdles…selling the practice, training the replacement doc and biggest of all for me was saying goodbye to my patients.

In my mind, the idea of selling and moving on from the practice was unsurmountable and that’s why I didn’t take action.

The remarkable and somewhat magical thing that happened though was that once I started to take action, everything fell into place with a grace that I could not have imagined.

5 years of worry, stress and anxiety for nothing.

The lesson for me was inescapable…what else have I been putting off because I was imagining that it was going to be more difficult than it need to be?

In today’s episode I want to share the biggest learnings that I’ve had along this journey.  Perhaps the biggest of them all was one that I learnt in the final 2 hours of practice (this really blew my mind).

I hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives.


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