Ep224. How To Run A One Minute Practice.

Paul Wright

I’m joined on the podcast today by Physiotherapist friend of mine Paul Wright. Paul is the best selling author of the book…How to run a one minute practice.  And he’s also the founder of a program called Practiceology where he’s all about helping allied health practitioners earn more, work less and enjoy their lives. 

Todays chat centred all around how to add more choice back into your practice. In particular, we speak about how do you decrease the number of hours that you NEED to work in your practice…please note this doesn’t mean you decrease the hours you WANT to have in practice.

Here’s some of what we cover

  • The dangers of our over reliance on staff,
  • Why falling in love with our product is actually a problem
  • And how good systems can make ordinary people great.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives.


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Links Mentioned In The Show

To get access to Tristan’s free scripts then email operations@chirorevenue.com and put “I love Angus” in the subject line. 

Check out Paul’s live monthly Practiceology trainings at  https://www.mypracticeology.com/webinar.php?f=pyke

In this live demonstration, you will see how 197 (and counting) health business owners from 54 countries are using the PRACTICEOLOGY™ program to … Increase Cash-Flow by More than 30%, Regain Control of their Business and Teams, and have their Practice Running Profitably and Predictably, Even if They are Not There (all in less than 90 days, without wasting money on expensive advertising, and during the pandemic)

Get Paul’s Book “How to Run a One Minute Practice – for just $4.95 AUD  at www.oneminutepractice.com/booksales 

Use code – ANGUSOS  – for non Australian – take $15 off

Use code ANGUSAUST – for Australians takes $5 off  – so pay $4.95

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulwrightphysioprofessor/

Website PhysioProfessor.com

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Paul Wright is a Physiotherapist and former owner of multiple allied health clinics in Australia (which he rarely visited). He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “How to Run a One Minute Practice”, founder of the Practiceology™ health business freedom program and has helped thousands of allied health business owners across 57 countries, earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.

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