Ep217.  The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Streaming.

Angus Pyke

In todays episode we’re going to be talking all about Live Streaming Video.  If the thought of live video terrifies you or if you’re just a little confused about the how, what and when of live video then todays episode is for you.

In fact…I’m naming todays episode The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Video. 

So…why am I so excited about live video and why do I think that more chiropractors should be making live videos?

Here’s why…the biggest challenges that many of you are having with regards to video marketing can be solved by making more live videos.

Let me explain…here’s what I hear from are the biggest challenges with making videos.

Time involved 

Getting people to watch and engage

Scared of being on video

Video editing

In todays episode I’ll show you how live streaming video can help you overcome all of those challenges.

Listen now.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives


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