Ep208. Facts V’s Stories. You Need To Know The Difference.
Angus Pyke

In ep206 I introduced you to the concept of what’s possible and the dangers that come from looking to your past for guidance.

If the past had the solution to what’s possible for your future then you’d probably already be there…all the past is useful for is getting you to where you are NOW.

In todays episode I want to dive a little deeper into that concept and I want to introduce you to the importance of being able to differentiate facts from stories.

I’ll share the stories of 2 chiropractors I coach who live in the same town, with the same circumstances and yet are both having very different results.   One of them is blaming COVID for their difficulties and the other is crediting COVID for their success.

Same circumstances…different stories.

So…what does this mean to you?

Simple…what is it that you want in your life?

Why are you telling yourself that you cannot have it?

Is it a fact or is it a story?

Listen now to learn more.

Thanks for all you do.  Keep saving lives.


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