Ep201. 6 Instagram Reel Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out. Angus Pyke

In todays episode I want to share a story about a guy who’s lost the password to his $220 million dollar fortune, I’m going to give you a movie recommendation and finally we’ll lighten things up and I’ll walk you through 6 instagram Reel ideas that you should be implementing into your practice.

If you’re not sure what Instagram Reels are, they are  a new type of content (late 2020) on Instagram.  Probably created to compete with TikTok. Reels are basically short, fun, engaging videos, up to 30 seconds long and at the moment Instagram is promoting them like crazy!

If you’re wanting more people in your community to know you, like you and trust you then give Instagram Reels a go!

Thanks for all you do, keep savings lives.


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