Ep198. Should You Diversify With an Online Business?

Rob Delgado

Todays guest is Dr Robert Delgado he’s a chiropractor but he spends lots of his time now helping health practitioner use the expertise they already have to launch an online coaching or digital course business.

In this interview we talked about the growing trend of brick and mortar business moving online…this is often particular attractive for “mission and vision” based health practitioners because it’s a fantastic way for us to reach more people.

Don’t be fooled though, starting an online business is not the secret to instant and easy wealth.

Here’s the 3 key take homes you’ll get from this interview.

  1. You’ll discover what expertise you already have that people would actually pay for.
  2. We’ll simplify the technology overwhelm and you’ll share the basics you’ll need to master.
  3. Finally we talk about how to deal with the imposter syndrome that inevitably comes we expand our vision.

If you’ve listened to this podcast for anytime you know that Have a level of skepticism around all things woo woo but in this episode Rob shared a story that floored me in a way that no other story ever has before hand and let me say I may well be coming around to being a convert of the woo

Enjoy the interview

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Dr Robert Delgado,DC Chiropractor, Speaker and Business coach After running a high-volume Practice for 15 years, Dr Delgado was exhausted and felt trapped by his “hamster wheel” appointment book. He decided to create time and money freedom by offering online coaching services to his Practice members and 2 years later, after an incredible journey, he earns an extra 6 figures per year online while still in full time Practice. The extra income is great but more importantly he now gets to take his two kids to school every morning. He is the Founder of The Chiropractic Freedom Project, a team of online business experts, who help mission driven Chiropractors share their gift online so they can unhook themselves from the time for money trap and experience real freedom. His greatest joy is seeing Chiropractors increase their income and impact by creating and launching online coaching and digital products, selling their expertise.

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