Ep197. How To Get Results With Your Marketing in 2021.
Angus Pyke

Last Tuesday on the drive up to my sisters wedding we stopped off in a small country town for a coffee. When walking back the car I noticed a guy who appeared to be talking to himself. My first thought was that he was a crazy person, but upon closer inspection, I realised he was preaching. 

Regardless your thoughts on religion I think most of you would be supportive of the message he was sharing. 

He was preaching the importance of love and compassion and understanding.

Three things immediately struck me about this gentleman:

  1. How brave he was. Many of us have a message that we want to share but we’re too scared to share it.
  2. How needed his message was.
  3. How ineffective his vehicle was.

This type of communication (marketing) is often referred to as interruption marketing and it used to work really well (when we as the consumer had little to no choice).

In this episode I share with you the evolution from interruption marketing to value marketing and I walk you through the basic competencies that health practitioners need to have to make a success of value marketing.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives


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