Ep193. Should You Outsource Your Marketing To A Digital Agency? Mike Krass

Should you outsource your marketing to a digital agency? This is a question that I get asked all the time. 

Many of us get frustrated, overwhelmed and simply don’t have the time to implement a consistent and effective marketing strategy.

The thought of being able to hand this off to someone and then just sit back and serve your patients sure is an attractive one!

Beware though!

Every week I’m hearing horror stories from practitioners who’ve wasted thousands with agencies for little to no result.

Like any relationship you need know what you’re looking for.

On the podcast this week I’m interviewing Mike Krass from MKG Marketing and we’re speaking all about how to choose the RIGHT agency to help you with your marketing goals.

If you’ve been contemplating outsourcing your marketing then this episode is a must listen for you!

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do, keep saving lives


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Mike Krass is the CEO of MKG Marketing, a digital marketing agency that gets tech and healthcare brands found online through transparent, measurable digital marketing. Over the last ten years, Mike has grown MKG Marketing into a 7 figure business not only by specializing in data and analytics, but by embracing a “people first” philosophy that promotes a strong work-life balance while systematically holding employees as well as clients accountable. Mike takes this philosophy with him as he sits on the Board of Directors of the global Entrepreneur’s Organization, as well as mentoring other businesses through organizations such as Idea Village and General Assembly. 

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