Ep180. A New Business Model For Practice Success.

Mark Postles.

The challenges over the past 10 months have exposed a lot of cracks in health care practices around the globe.

For many of us we’ve become acutely aware of just how big our practice overheads are (rent, staff, utilities etc)

These vulnerabilities are made even worse for those of you who run single practitioners only businesses.

In this episode I’m speaking with Chiropractic royalty Dr Mark Postles about the new and emerging businesses models that practitioners around the globe are implementing to help them decrease their overheads, increase their impact and expand their practice mission and vision.

I loved this conversation and hope you do to.

 Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives.



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Mark Postles


Mark graduated in 1975 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. As a practitioner he has operated a number of successful family lifestyle focused practices. He currently conducts a multi-doctor practice in Australia.

As a facilitator of improved professional standards Mark coaches and speaks with audiences around the world. He is passionate about facilitating change in practices that results in transformation of teams and practice members.

Mark believes there is much to be done to ensure that chiropractic assumes its rightful role as an integral component of every person’s healthy lifestyle. He is committed to equipping chiropractors philosophically, scientifically, technically and politically in order to attain this position. 

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