Ep165. How To Build A Bigger Audience.

Angus Pyke

In todays episode I want to talk to you about a new and different spin for you to add to your videos ( or any message you’re sharing with your patients or community. This new spin will help you build more engagement, trust and ultimately have more people calling your practice.

What we’re going to be talking about today is how to gently change or guide the beliefs of the people in your community without pushing them away.

Often in our enthusiasm to help our communities live a healthier life we make them wrong for the choices that they’ve made in the past.

Making your audience wrong is definitely not a good strategy to “win friends and influence people”.

When we’re told we’re wrong we have 2 choices:

  1. Admit we’re wrong, agree that you’re right and move forwards with the new advice
  2. Disagree that they’re wrong and instead make you wrong!

What do you think your audience are most likely to do?  Yep…they’re choosing option 2 almost every time. LOL

Luckily for us there’s a neurological hack we can use that helps us to bypass this. 

Rather than tell people that they’re doing it wrong or have a wrong belief system tell them there’s a NEW and DIFFERENT way to manage their health.

Neuroscientist have now determined that the appeal of NEW is hardwired into our brains.

New is all about NOVELTY and novelty activates our brains reward centres.

So what does this mean for you? Whenever possible in your videos, on your websites and in your posts be careful NOT to be making your audience wrong and instead use the words new and or different.

Listen in to learn more.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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