Ep148. Surviving A Potential Second Wave.

Paula Drayton

We live increasingly fascinating times…the world is changing and a long with this so does the conversation what we need to be having with our patients and our communities.

Two of the challenges that I’m hearing from many practitioners are

  • Firstly…how do I prepare my practice if there’s a second wave and
  • Secondly how do I show up, inspire and lead my community towards a different way of looking at their health in this current pandemic.

Well…My guest on the show today is going to help you with both of those…

Her name is Paula Drayton and She’s a revered facilitator, Master Trainer and Master Coach with expertise in communication and behaviour change. Paula loves working with leaders as they grapple with complexity in fast moving environments.

Here’s why today’s episode is important

  • Sometimes in our enthusiasm to share a message we end up coming across looking like a greenie or an evangelist…we talk about how to prevent this
  • If a second wave happens and practices have to close again…the practices that survive will be the ones that are able to build massive amounts of trust with their patients.  Paula will show you how to do this.
  • Paula will introduce you to the concept of being an ambassador of possibility – she’ll show you how to re invent what you do and change the way your communities might see you.
  • You’ll discover the key ingredients in creating a shared understanding and learn the importance of listening.
  • And heaps heaps more..

Paula is one of my absolute favourite peeps…enough from me.

Enjoy the show.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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Paula Drayton  www.liberatedleaders.com.au

Paula is a Master Trainer, Facilitator, Change Consultant, Certified Master Coach, Passion Coach, and experienced business Consultant. As Co-founder of Liberated Leaders and Founder and Director of Resource Advisory she has extensive experience helping individuals and organisations express and achieve their potential, using her humanistic approach and globally-sourced toolkit to engage and enable learners, teams and groups.

As a consultant, facilitator and coach, Paula has worked with multi-national publicly listed organisations, State Government, Local Government, small and medium sized enterprises, professional services firms and industry organisations.

Prior to establishing Resource Advisory in 2007, Paula held senior management positions within the environmental management industry, specialising in communications, marketing, education and behaviour change. Her professional experience is diverse and includes consultant and management roles with Professional Services Firms Ernst & Young and Andersen, Colliers International, Gallup, Brambles (Cleanaway) and Tourism Australia.

Paula’s specialist skills in behaviour change, learning design and conversational practices are instrumental in the Liberated Leaders and Resource Advisory change and transformation offers. She possesses the ability to apply innovative approaches, solve complex problems, build capacity with her clients and stakeholders, drive accountability and manage and sustain change.

Paula is a skilled presenter and keynote speaker, addressing audiences to explore coordination of activity, communication, change and transformation. Her unique skill is engaging those in the room through reflection, fun, appreciative and critical enquiry about topics at hand.

Paula is especially passionate about sustainability and has chaired events at Ecoforum, Sustainable Transformation and Liveable Cities conferences. Paula’s deeper expression of her own authenticity means you might find her in the forest hiking, with a paintbrush and palette knife in hand, or writing any day of the week she is not working on large scale change projects.

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