Ep144. How To Become A Celebrity In Your Community. Kristen Hinmans

Todays guest is Kristen Hinman…you might remember her from Ep39.  Kristen is an expert at helping personalities and brands go from unknown to known.  She’s helped her clients get major free publicity on shows the Good Morning America and The Today Show.  

In todays episode we walk step by step through what a practitioner would need to do to build celebrity status in their community.

As Kristen says….”gone are the days of see…click…buy”.  Consumers are doing more research now than ever and if you’re wanting to patients to choose you then you need to be guiding them along the journey.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

  • How to find out what’s unique about you and your practice.
  • What to do when your marketing feels like it’s not working.
  • The biggest mistake that practitioners make with their P.R.
  • How to create the kind of content that your potential patients want to consume.

This episode is full or easily implementable and practical advice.

Check it out now.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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Kristen Hinman  www.pearemedia.com

Kristen Hinman is the CEO and founder of Peare Media.  She works with celebrity status brands who are ready to leverage their established name and proven success record into profitable online lead generation in the online marketing world.

“With over 8 years in the PR Industry I experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known”

What I realized is that the journey doesn’t end with being known… It’s the starting point.

 The bottom line is this: If you want to find lasting success, you must channel your celebrity momentum into a strategic plan that positions you in today’s digital world.”

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