Ep138. How To Get More Clarity, Meaning And Productivity. Angela Carroll

Clarity…or knowing what you want is one of the most powerful skills a practitioner can develop.

Think about it for a moment…everything in life becomes infinitely more achievable when you first clarify what it is you actually want to achieve.

Clarity of outcome might sound simple but it’s not easy…for instance, do you know what you’d like your practice to look in 12 months time?

For many of you the answer is a resounding no!

So…let’s see if we can do something about helping you get a little bit more clarity.

My guest on the podcast this week is Angela Carroll and she’s spent the past 16 years helping practitioners run the practices of their dreams…without the burnout.

In this episode we talked about why getting clarity is so difficult, how to use journalling to find out what you really want and then how to put all this into a really simple 12 month plan that will drive you towards your goal.

And you’ll learn how to do all this without having to put together boring To Do lists!

If you’re wanting for clarity, meaning and productivity in your life then be sure to check out this episode.


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Web: www.angelacarrollcoaching.com.au

Email: angela@angelacarrollcoaching.com.au

FB:  Angela Carroll

Insta: @angelacarrollcoaching

Books Mentioned

The Dan Sullivan Question. Dan Sullivan

 Appreciate Inquiry. Barrett & Fry

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Life has so much to offer!

That is Angela Carroll’s philosophy. We have all been given tremendous opportunities and we all have incredible potential. But, without consistent good health, energy, clarity and focus we can miss these opportunities and never reach our full potential.

Angela is a qualified Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor, certified and experienced coach, educator, mentor, writer, podcaster and event and training developer. She has been working in the Natural Medicine industry for nearly three decades, run her own successful Practice and, over the past 16 years has educated over 10,000 Practitioners on evidence-based Natural Medicine, clinical practice and the creation of successful, rewarding Practices.

For the past ten years, as a Metagenics senior Presenter, Angela has educated, coached and mentored Natural Health Care Practitioners on business systems and methods that will increase the growth and efficiency of their practices with reduced likelihood of burnout; common to small business owners. Practitioners who adopt and apply these systems to their Practice see increased success and reduction in stress.

In the past 12 months Angela has stepped up and taken the challenge of establishing her own online coaching business and is excited to realise this new opportunity to be able to serve more people and help make great things happen.

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