Ep136.How To Make More Videos In Less Time.

Angus Pyke

Busy…busy…busy…BUSY.  Running a practice isn’t easy, there’s so much to do and often it feels like there’s so little time.  “And then on top of that Angus you’re telling me that I need to making at least one video EVERY week…you’re dreaming!”

Ok…calm down…I get it, I know it’s difficult.  What makes it worse though is many of you are going about it in the wrong way.

In this episode of The Marketing Your Practice Podcast I’ll show you how you can get your next 90 days of marketing done in less than 2 days.  Imagine that…2 days work, marketing done and you can chill for the next 88 days!

Want to learn how? Listen in now

Thanks for all you do.

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