Ep134. Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

Gaynor Lawton.

A couple weekends ago Lauren and I spent the night at our friends place.  When I woke in the morning…there on the bedside table was a book calling out to me.  I know this might sound strange but it was almost impossible for me to not pick this book up and read it!  Have you ever had an experience like this?

The cover was bright yellow and the title was simple, strong and bold.. BELIEVE.

As I thumbed through the book I was drawn to this paragraph… “When you uncover what you really believe about money, about your competitors and about your customers, you’ll see why your business is as it is”

There seemed to be a simple truth about this statement.  It explained why I could teach 10 practitioners the exact same marketing strategies and I could get 10 different results.  As important as the right strategies are, I realised that you cannot seperate the strategy from the person implementing the strategy.

Beliefs are the hidden operating systems that we use to navigate through the world and the tricky thing about beliefs is that

  1. They’re mostly invisible and 
  2. We often don’t consciously choose them.

So…I want to invite you to consider that maybe what’s standing between you and the practice of your dreams is not the latest marketing strategy but perhaps it’s a faulty belief system.

If you’re prepared to try that on for a 30 minutes then I want to invite you to listen to this weeks episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast because I’m interviewing the author of the irresistible little yellow book, Gaynor Lawton.

Gaynor and I talked about where our beliefs come from, how we can identify them and mostly importantly how to get rid of the beliefs that are standing in the way of the life you want to live.

I’m fascinated by this topic and LOVED this discussion and I think you will too.

After you’ve finished listening please reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for all you do.

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In 2004 with a heap of experience in Marketing, Event Management and Corporate Fundraising Gaynor started her own Marketing business working in the Natural Health & Wellness arena.

In 2007 she became a Business Trainer and Mentor with the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) a role she continues in a casual capacity today.

 As a Business Mentor Gaynor has seen many business owners lose direction and lose confidence in what they’re doing, self-doubt is a silent issue affecting most business people in some capacity.  Consequently, five years ago she decided to re-model and rename her business – Believe Australia – and now puts equal focus on the person behind the business, as well as the practicalities of the business itself. 

Discovering what a business owner really believes about their business and themselves often uncovers the answer to why things aren’t going as they’d planned.  Gaynor offers a unique approach to mentoring backed by her broad background including working in London PR agencies for FMCG clients and in-house for the likes of Manchester United and ChildLine.

 In her spare time you’ll find Gaynor in her shed upholstering old furniture or walking her dog on the many beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

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