Ep120. How To Position Your Practice As A Premium Brand. Jamie Richards

Have you ever wondered why a Tiffany’s diamond is twice the price as the exact same diamond sold from the local jeweller down the road or why Louis Vuitton is able to charge 5000% more for hand bag than Target?

…Premium branding is the answer.

In todays episode of the Marketing Your Practice Podcast I spoke in depth with Jamie Richards about the fundamentals of premium branding…and, the good news is, it’s easier than you think.

Jamie shares why he thinks it’s important that we be positioning our practices as a premium (luxury) as apposed to positioning it as an essential service for everyone.

Here’s 3 simple reasons why he thinks you should consider premium branding:

  1. higher profit margins,
  2. more financial stability
  3. better quality clients (less stress)

I loved what Jamie had to share in this interview and it was PACKED with gems.

This should be mandatory listening for all practitioners.

Go listen now.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives


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I’m Jamie and I’m obsessed with entrepreneurship, health, and passionate about maximizing performance. As the CEO and founder of Life By Design Inc. I am driven to ensure chiropractors succeed in a 3rd Paradigm Chiropractic model. I am in love with my wife, Dana, daughters Andie & Scottie, I’m fanatical about modern design, and I’m deeply committed to the pursuit of a happy life.

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