Ep110. How Much Should You Be Spending On Marketing? Angus Pyke

In today’s episode I’m going to be talking with you all about marketing budgets and I’ll share with you some simple frameworks that will help you understand how much you should be spending on marketing every year.  The good news is that it’s probably less than what you think.

Trying to reach potential patients in your community through organic reach alone is a recipe for failure.  In our modern world you need to be prepared to pay to play.

Paid advertising is often frowned upon by many practitioners. It’s seen as something that only practitioners who don’t get good result need to do.  The truth is the BEST businesses in the world invest in paid advertising.  Apple invests 7% and Google invests 12% and unless you’re prepared to be left behind then you need to start investing too!

I’ll also explain to you why it’s important to understand the customer journey and the difference between cold and warm audiences.

Ok, that’s enough from me.  It’s time now for you to get listening!

As always. Thanks for all you do.

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