Ep107.Getting Over What’s Holding You Back.

David Jackson

Ok, so I know this might sound a little dramatic but this episode was a dream come true for me.  Todays guest is Dr David Jackson and David has had more impact on me as a chiropractor than any other person! 

Not only was David influential in helping me become a better chiropractor but he was also pivotal in helping me to fall in love with marketing.

One of the things I love about David is his continual ability to innovate and stay ahead of the crowd.  He was building websites, shooting videos and running webinars before most of us even knew they existed.

In this episode we talk about what holds people back from marketing, how to get over your fears and what he believes it takes to achieve wild amounts of success.

David also shares where he sees marketing going in the coming years and how you can set yourself apart from the competition.

This episode is FULL of wisdom, don’t delay any longer.  Go and listen now.

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


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Dr. David is a committed father of 3 incredible girls and has shared an Epic Love Affair with his wife Nicole for 26 years. His commitment to creating impact for others along with an unparalleled personal life for himself and his family has led him to create 18 businesses. Having risen from the ashes of failing in practice 9 times, Dr. David has spoken on 6 continents to over 100K people. His passion is to help chiropractors solidify a success mindset and develop a superior ability to communicate their value and brand message with clarity. Dr. David is Founder and CEO of the largest online training company in the chiropractic profession, Epic Practice. With cutting edge success systems for business, pediatrics, team training and growth, Epic provides doctors proven tools, strategies and community to succeed at high levels through mentoring, training and coaching. Dr. David is committed to helping chiropractors create their Epic Life by openly sharing his passion, his journey and through leading by example so that others may Serve More, Make More and BE More.

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