Ep.101. How To Increase Your Internal Referrals.

Tony Croke

In todays episode you’re going to learn how to increase your internal referrals without having to be a douche bag!

Be sure to have a note pad and pen ready for this episode because it’s full of gems.

 Internal referrals are important for several reasons but here’s 2 biggies

– internal referrals tend to be great patients who are much easier to look after and

– they’re a great reflection of how good a job you’re doing with your existing patients.

When I ask practitioners where they get their new patients from, many tell me internal referrals and when i then ask them what steps they are taking to maximise those internal referrals they often look blankly at me. 

Building a practice based on internal referrals is a process much like building a practice from Facebook Ads, dinner talks and screenings etc.

If your internal referral process is all about hope and prey or simply asking your patients to refer to you then you’re in luck because in todays episode I’m speaking with Dr Tony Croke (yep another Tony!) and when it comes to internal referrals he’s got a black belt.

Tony and his team have spent the last 6+ years testing, tweaking and seeing exactly what it takes to create an environment where patients HAPPILY refer. 

His process is simple, however as you’ll learn, it takes a tremendous amount of courage, vulnerability and self reflection.

If you’re wanting to increase the number of internal referrals that you get each month then listen in now!

Thanks for all you do.

Keep saving lives.


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Tony graduated from RMIT in 1992 and moved to Gisborne with his wife Tiffani after a stint in a great practice group in Gippsland. He and Tiff have three children, two of whom have gone on to become chiropractors.

Tony has studied deeply what it takes to earn the right to be called somebody’s chiropractor. It’s an honour he doesn’t take lightly.

He has served the profession in a number of roles and was named Victorian Chiropractor of the Year in 2010.

When he’s out of the office, Tony is an unskilled but enthusiastic surfer and skier.

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