Ep355.Unlocking Patient Conversion: Solving The Real Problems for Better Patient Outcomes.Angus Pyke

In this episode I delve into the lifeblood of our chiropractic practices—converting patients to care. But here’s the crux: how do we do this without resorting to sales tactics that feel pushy, fear-driven, or like we’re bullying our patients? That’s exactly what we’re unpacking together.

We both understand the importance of turning patients into long-term partners in care, but it’s about finding a path that feels authentic. This episode takes a closer look at the barriers we face in our practice and the genuine concerns our patients have. I’m exploring the real reasons behind their hesitation and how to address these issues directly, but in a way that aligns with our values of care and empathy.

The key? Understanding the root causes of our patients’ concerns. Inspired by business and change guru Eli Goldratt, we’ll be applying his insights on objection handling through the lens of his six layers of resistance. Goldratt’s approach offers a structured yet compassionate framework to navigate these waters, helping us to identify and address the real issues our patients face.

Join me as we explore how to apply these principles in our practices, ensuring our growth and our patients’ well-being through understanding, authenticity, and genuine connection. Let’s make a real difference, one patient at a time, with no tricks, no pressure—just care.

Thanks for all you do. Keep saving lives!


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